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What is the function of thermal barcode id wristband? How to print thermal barcode id wristband?

What is the function of thermal barcode id wristband?

From barcode technology to two-dimensional code technology, it can record more information, more widely used.

Medical patient wristband from the previous handwriting, to the back of the bar code printing, to the current two-dimensional code application, the progress of science and technology, but also drive the whole medical digitalization. So what is the role of the QR code wristband?

The two-dimensional code wristband is the "ID card" during the hospitalization, which records the patient's name, age, hospitalization department, treatment number, hospitalization number and other information. And, all the examination and treatment during the hospitalization, as well as the discharge procedures, settlement fees, etc. must be identified and operated through the two-dimensional code.

QR code thermal id wristband or thermal transfer connected to the hospital information system.From patient wear a wrist strap qr code, his identity information, the information such as illness, the doctor's advice, treatment will be reading returns to the hospital management system from the PDA in real time, real-time record, real-time data back, avoid repeated copying errors, and more protection of patient information security, but also reduce health care work.

So how is the QR code wristband printed?

Qr code wristband is always take their during the period of hospitalization, therefore in handling hospital, staff will according to the information from the patient, to put information into the computer system, computer connects the wristband printer, the wristbands printers bring there standard software, that will help the standard hospital id wristbands edit the information interface, then choose the system print the wristbands, at end the barcode id wristbands can be printed.



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