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Patient id wristband goods are reaching our Shanghai forwarder warehouse

(hospital plastic patient id band)
hospital id wrist band

Today, our patient id wristband goods are reaching our Shanghai forwarder warehouse,with hundreds and thousands of patients being admitted and discharged from hospitals and nursing homes every day; identification of patient using wristbands is an integral component of smooth running and helps minimize medical errors and administrative issues can be handled efficiently.

• important way to reduce patient safety risks
• comfortable to wear
• premium quality
• soft vinyl with adjustable snaps
• hospital use
• size: Infant (small), adult (large)
• Advantage: waterproof / tearproof / abrasion resistant
• includes patient information:
o name
o receipt date
o patient sex
o bed number
Patient identification wristbands/ Patient id / hospital bracelets
Make sure your safe with "Identification Wristbands"

For More details call or WhatsApp: 86-15861152591


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