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Plastic Event Wristbands ship to Brazil

Plastic Event Wristbands

Our Plastic Event Wristbands come in several different colors including our most popular: Bright Blue, Bright Red, Neon Green, Neon Yellow, and Neon Orange.

Our plastic wristbands are suitable for so many different types of events. The bright color makes it easy to identify your guests and control admission to your event. Plastic wristbands are more durable and longer-lasting than tyvek id wristband, making them a great choice for festivals and other multi-day events!

Plastic Wristbands are easy to use!
Our high-quality plastic id wristbands take only seconds to place on your guest's wrist and are a nice alternative to the typical tyvek id wristbands. One size fits all, and a special one-time use snap ensures that the wristband cannot be transferred.

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